If you had to create a definition of a rainbow…

Image by Manfred Zajac from Pixabay

Yesterday, while visiting the grocery store, I picked up a copy of a notebook called 300 More Writing Prompts. I don’t know what inspired me to grab it. Maybe it was the fact that it was only five bucks, and I felt like it would be a cheap way to inspire some creativity that also had a physical presence in my life. I could have just looked up writing prompts online, but I wanted something physical, and this little book is bound in a way so that its pages lay flat and are easy to write on. Never underestimate aesthetic when it comes to motivation.

Today, after making an entry, I decided I’m going to make the answering of a writing prompt from this book a daily activity. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s kind of fun. And I’m going to post it here on Medium, just for fun.

We live on a sphere of material that floats in space around a pretty average sized star in a universe that is probably infinite in size. It’s weird. Our lives are absurdly short but our inner worlds as rich as the Great Other beyond us. So why not share? It’s fun, and in my mind it’s the sharing of inner experiences that is the lifeblood of meaningfulness — perhaps the only meaningfulness we can have.

If you had to create a definition for a rainbow, how would you define it and what would you say its meaning or purpose is?


“Rainbow” definition: A rainbow is a medium sized object of fashionable clothing for cloud people. First invented over a hundred millennia BCE, the rainbow was originally made out of pure cosmic Star Raindrops. As time moved forward, the cloud elite began to slip from positions of power, with the Nimbus Resistance growing in size, and the value of individual shares of Star Raindrops plummeted. This inspired the Council of the Order of Cumulus to shoot the remaining shares back into outer space. Rainbows are now made out of common rain and function well as bow ties.

How would you answer the prompt?

Definitely not a robot.

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